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360tours is a Nairobi, Kenya based company specialized in 360 degree panoramic photography and virtual tours. We create virtual tours for many different sectors including retail, real estate and the hospitality industry. A virtual tour is an excellent marketing tool for location based businesses and can be used both online and offline. Some of the benefits are:

Professional presentation

Potential clients will be impressed when they see your virtual tour. Show them what you have to offer and convince them before they even step foot on your premises.

Mobile Ready

All our 360 degree photos and virtual tours can be viewed on desktop's and mobile devices such as Android, iPhone & iPad. Accesible to everyone, from any location and device.

Increased customer engagement

Studies show that website visitors stay an average of four times longer on your website when it contains a virtual tour. Increase engagement and increase sales. 

Compatible with all browsers

No matter what browser your visitors are using, they will be able to enjoy the virtual tour of your premises without any rendering issues.

Hosted in the cloud

Easily embed any of our tours in your webpages with just a few lines of code. No hosting required but receive a copy of all materials on DVD for your convenience.

Garoda Resort - Beach Resort

360 panorama, virtual tour or 3D picture?

Many different terms have been used to describe the products and services we offer. Some of these are 360 tour, 360 picture, panorama, virtual tours and 3D pictures. In order to keep things simple, we at 360tours use only two terms to describe our products: 360 degree pictures and virtual tours.

While many people also refer to 360 degree pictures as 3D pictures, this is technically not correct. A 3D picture or 3D panoramo would involve actually making the image 3-dimensional, requiring 3D glasses or a special screen to view them. For this reason, 360tours currently does not offer this type of image but will consider this in the future.

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